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Prepared For: Melissa Hill
The National Wildlife Federation
Contact: Javier Carrion


HAM Media Group is based in Florida and is intimately acquainted with the unique environmental issues associated with this state.  Our work with the Everglades Foundation and Environmental Defense Fund have involved communicating the challenges surrounding climate change from a social, political, and scientific viewpoint. We have spent the better part of ten years working with scientists to communicate their message to the general public. This makes us specifically qualified to tell the impactful stories associated with the entire gulf region.


We know the best way to relay the important message related to climate change is through the stories of the people it impacts. It is here where HAM Media excels. We know how to take this complicated, multilayered issue and bring in the human connection, while still preserving the credibility of the information.


HAM is an award winning media production company with over 30 years experience in producing content that turns heads.


Our work has earned us 3 Emmy awards, 3 Emmy Nomination, a Grammy award, and 2 Grammy Nominations. We have collaborated on additional Grammy and Emmy award winning projects outside of the company's roster.


Over the past 10 years, we have focused a large portion of our work with several state and national non-profit and environmental organizations, including: The Everglades Foundation. Environmental Defense Fund, The Miami Foundation, and The Lotus House to name just a few.  Our work with these organizations has shaped our creative voice.





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